Lunar: Awakenings

Prologue: Mahtan's Point of View

Before Holo and I went onto our journey, the elder forest spoke of an evil presences lurking from the woods of Marlkreath and thus it must be destroyed. While traveling through the forest, I stumbled upon an entrance of a cave. As I went onto my search for this evil, I have soon noticed that I wasn’t alone anymore. With sounds of footsteps and voices, I chose to go back towards the entrance and follow another path with a trail that wasn’t there before. Not long after, I came across an elf of some sort, Saydia, and an interesting but suspicious human, Andronicus. They’ve been told that there was a certain item that was hidden in this dungeon and they where there to acquire it. Soon after joining them, with hope they would help defeat this evil, I’ve been told by the forest that I was also to acquire an item; Dragon’s Eye jewel. I felt no reason to mention this to these queer people just yet. Once, Andronicus mentioned something about Saydia being a princess and I was shocked to be in a presence of such royalty in a dreadful place such as this. But sadly, it was another way of saying that Saydia was just a coward. The further into this dungeon, we have found a collection of magnificent books that gave off powerful, ancient magic that transformed us into mere-creatures. Amazed by these spells, I wanted to keep these with me, but had to make a deal with Andronicus after she stole one from my hands. Once we finally reached a room with a dragon statue with glowing red gems within the eye sockets, I noticed something very strange about the eyes. Felt a chill of evil coming from those piercing eyes. I questioned Andronicus for the reason why she must obtain such things, but she was vague and avoided the question. I looked and spoke to Saydia and realized that she had the faintest idea as to why they needed them besides that she had received a letter from her king. I asked for the letter and looked it over. Foolishly, I only noticed such things that made it too obvious as to what kind of environment that we are currently in. It was hard to gain Saydia’s trust and to shine light on the evil ways of Andronicus, but unfortunately, it was too late and Andronicus attacked. After finally defeating Andronicus, I realized that I, not only, was truly in the presences of a princess but also had the chance to accompany her along this quest. As soon as we left this godawful cave, the books that I acquired turned to dust and fell through my fingers. That, was the most miserable event that happened on this journey so far.



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