Lunar: Awakenings

Prologue: Saydia's point of view

I received a letter from Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron, or at least I had thought it was him. I was so naive. I have been too sheltered in my life. I left for the woods of Marlkreath to meet with Andronicus. I met her along the river by a cave. I was told to help her obtain an item. Shortly after entering the cave we were joined by Mahan a curiously odd druid boy who I suspect also dabbles in witchcraft. He was accompanied by a fox and was told by the forest that he was to thwart evil. It was extremely lucky that I was able to make his allegiance because after exploring this cave, which seemed much like a dungeon, we were assaulted by Andronicus. I should have known better since the evidence was literally in my hands. I have now only been reinforced to think humans are not to be trusted. Luckily Mahan is at least half elf and has gained some standing and trust with me after helping to protect me. He is oddly enthralled by books though.. we had found some in our journey through this dungeon that he was very attached to. Anndronicus had also taken interest in a gem found in an eye of a dragon statue, I assume this may help us uncover why I was targeted. I found a note on her person, after removing her head for nearly killing me. It seems that Mahan and I shall travel to the crystal lake together.

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