Lunar: Awakenings

Items Gathered 30 June 2014

Potion? ~ Mahtan }
Potion of Magic Weapon }
Potion of Status }
Potion of Goodberry }
Potion of Shillelagh }
Gems and Jewels
Heavy Flail Masterwork – Rynn
Slingshot Masterwork – Saydia
Morning Star Masterwork ~ Saydia
Ring of Resist Fire ~ Thorne

2 copper
2 silver
3 gold
2 platinum

Items Gathered 8 June 2014

Cold Ring
Small Ivory Box
2 scrolls of Burning hands ~saydia
A wand of Eagle Splendors
A sack of gems
Spiked gauntlet ~ Mahtan

Items Gathered 25 May 2014

Ring of Sustenance ~ Saydia
20 pounds worth of Gems
36 copper
44 silver
Scroll of cure moderate wounds ~ Mahtan

Items Gathered 11 May 2014

Six gems ~Saydia
Potion of Stabilize ~ Mahtan
Potion of Unknown Properties ~ Mahtan
Two Scrolls ~ Saydia
58 Platinum
648 Gold
630 Silver
50 Copper
Wand of Burning Hands ~ Mahtan
27 gold

Items Gathered 29 March 2014

Ring of Ferocious Action – Mysterica
Magical Pebbles of Enlarge Item – Gryndolcog

Items Gathered 22 March 2014

5000 Copper
Elixir of Love – Mahtan (Everyone else knows it’s just an Elixir)
Pearl of Power – Saydia has it hidden
Ring of Fortitude – Mysterica
Vile of Magical Ash – Mahtan
Waterskin of Magical Ash – Saydia

Items gathered Nov. 16, 2013

Five unidentified skulls
2x Cure Serious Wounds
2x Scrolls of Sanctuary
3x Protection from Arrows

Saydia's Solo Adventure

After traveling back down the spire Saydia got tired of no one listening to the possibility that Lucia might be the destroyer we have been trying to fight. She decided to steal away during the night and travel alone for a while, keeping in mind where the rest of the group was heading. Thinking to herself.. “I need some time to clear my head and figure out what I should do.. why am I getting wrapped up in all of this it has nothing to do with my goals or kingdom..does it..?” She traveled along to Larpa and along her journey encountered her Grandmother Sylvannas, who told her “Young Saydia, the destination of your journey is not what you need to worry about it will show itself to you when the time is right, by helping your new friends you will give your crown meaning when you inherit the throne. Helping others and making your own path is what great rulers are sculpted from and where they shall thrive. Find the meaning behind all of this for yourself. Your destiny is your own.”

After our conversation Sylvannas teleported me to right outside Larpa city gates. “They will be arriving shortly. I will always be around watching over you, I love you my Saysay.”

Prologue: Mahtan's Point of View

Before Holo and I went onto our journey, the elder forest spoke of an evil presences lurking from the woods of Marlkreath and thus it must be destroyed. While traveling through the forest, I stumbled upon an entrance of a cave. As I went onto my search for this evil, I have soon noticed that I wasn’t alone anymore. With sounds of footsteps and voices, I chose to go back towards the entrance and follow another path with a trail that wasn’t there before. Not long after, I came across an elf of some sort, Saydia, and an interesting but suspicious human, Andronicus. They’ve been told that there was a certain item that was hidden in this dungeon and they where there to acquire it. Soon after joining them, with hope they would help defeat this evil, I’ve been told by the forest that I was also to acquire an item; Dragon’s Eye jewel. I felt no reason to mention this to these queer people just yet. Once, Andronicus mentioned something about Saydia being a princess and I was shocked to be in a presence of such royalty in a dreadful place such as this. But sadly, it was another way of saying that Saydia was just a coward. The further into this dungeon, we have found a collection of magnificent books that gave off powerful, ancient magic that transformed us into mere-creatures. Amazed by these spells, I wanted to keep these with me, but had to make a deal with Andronicus after she stole one from my hands. Once we finally reached a room with a dragon statue with glowing red gems within the eye sockets, I noticed something very strange about the eyes. Felt a chill of evil coming from those piercing eyes. I questioned Andronicus for the reason why she must obtain such things, but she was vague and avoided the question. I looked and spoke to Saydia and realized that she had the faintest idea as to why they needed them besides that she had received a letter from her king. I asked for the letter and looked it over. Foolishly, I only noticed such things that made it too obvious as to what kind of environment that we are currently in. It was hard to gain Saydia’s trust and to shine light on the evil ways of Andronicus, but unfortunately, it was too late and Andronicus attacked. After finally defeating Andronicus, I realized that I, not only, was truly in the presences of a princess but also had the chance to accompany her along this quest. As soon as we left this godawful cave, the books that I acquired turned to dust and fell through my fingers. That, was the most miserable event that happened on this journey so far.

Prologue: Saydia's point of view

I received a letter from Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron, or at least I had thought it was him. I was so naive. I have been too sheltered in my life. I left for the woods of Marlkreath to meet with Andronicus. I met her along the river by a cave. I was told to help her obtain an item. Shortly after entering the cave we were joined by Mahan a curiously odd druid boy who I suspect also dabbles in witchcraft. He was accompanied by a fox and was told by the forest that he was to thwart evil. It was extremely lucky that I was able to make his allegiance because after exploring this cave, which seemed much like a dungeon, we were assaulted by Andronicus. I should have known better since the evidence was literally in my hands. I have now only been reinforced to think humans are not to be trusted. Luckily Mahan is at least half elf and has gained some standing and trust with me after helping to protect me. He is oddly enthralled by books though.. we had found some in our journey through this dungeon that he was very attached to. Anndronicus had also taken interest in a gem found in an eye of a dragon statue, I assume this may help us uncover why I was targeted. I found a note on her person, after removing her head for nearly killing me. It seems that Mahan and I shall travel to the crystal lake together.


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