Lunar: Awakenings

Saydia's Solo Adventure

After traveling back down the spire Saydia got tired of no one listening to the possibility that Lucia might be the destroyer we have been trying to fight. She decided to steal away during the night and travel alone for a while, keeping in mind where the rest of the group was heading. Thinking to herself.. “I need some time to clear my head and figure out what I should do.. why am I getting wrapped up in all of this it has nothing to do with my goals or kingdom..does it..?” She traveled along to Larpa and along her journey encountered her Grandmother Sylvannas, who told her “Young Saydia, the destination of your journey is not what you need to worry about it will show itself to you when the time is right, by helping your new friends you will give your crown meaning when you inherit the throne. Helping others and making your own path is what great rulers are sculpted from and where they shall thrive. Find the meaning behind all of this for yourself. Your destiny is your own.”

After our conversation Sylvannas teleported me to right outside Larpa city gates. “They will be arriving shortly. I will always be around watching over you, I love you my Saysay.”



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