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Feel of the campaign:

The feel of this campaign will be post-utopic. Everytime Althena aappears before the people of Lunar, she leads them into a grand golden age. Lunar has definitely seen better times, the Goddess hasn’t been seen in centuries but maybe that’s alright since nothing evil has happened…. right?

A Brief History of Lunar

Before Althena, the Silver Star was a barren place, most of it unfit for habitation. Races more adept at magic were drawn to the small amounts of oasis in miles of sterile wasteland. Although the world was predominantly filled with elves, a diverse amount of other racial groups thrived in their homelands. Althena took pity on this world and transformed it into a place of beauty and wonder. Time and circumstances conspired to force Althena to populate Lunar with people from the Blue Star, and, just as the world they came from, life was held in a delicate balance. Through times of peace, war, chaos, and battle, the Blue Star loomed as the only constant in the world. The name “Silver Star” became long forgotten in favor of “Lunar”.

This is a pathfinder game based off of the Lunar game series.